Ina's passion for birth began when she moved from Germany to the United States (of America) almost five years ago. Five months pregnant she had to learn everything about giving birth in New York. She watched "The Business of Being Born" and read Ina May Gaskins "Guide to Natural Childbirth". Working as a holistic practitioner in her own office  and seeing the body as a whole taught her to believe in the strength of nature. She also worked as a physical therapist for 18 years, which gives her a deep understanding of what the body is capable of and which positions during labor are important at what stage. She has a great knowledge and intuition for the entire body and the needs during pregnancy and the process of birth.

Ina is a very empathetic person who knows about the emotional challenges for pregnant women, women in labor, dads-to-be and new families. She is very good in guiding people through these exciting, and sometimes challenging, times.

Today she lives in Jersey City, NJ with her husband Torsten and her two daughters Emma and Sky Tyler.

June 1014
Birth Doula workshop with DONA

Februar 2015
Postpartum Doula workshop with DONA

March 2015
REBOZO workshop