Birth can be a very empowering and wonderful experience. Every woman should be able to experience that. I want you to know, that you have  the power to make your own choices, where , with whom and how you want to give birth. And I love to guide and support you on the way to your own strength and wisdom. You are strong and your body has everything that he needs to give birth. A woman needs to feels loved , respected and cared for in labor.

" If I could give every woman one gift, it would be the ability to make her birth decisions with wisdom instead of fear" Jill Dillner


Listening to the signs of the body, learning what he wants to tell us and not just treating symptoms with drugs without asking where they come from, is one of my strength and beliefs.

With a good birth experience you are able to give our baby the best start in his life, you can prevent postpartum depression and feel empowered and strong .

Seeing the body as a whole, but also seeing the whole family and what she needs is important to me. This includes not only the new mother , but also the new father/partner, siblings and sometimes grandparents or even pets. Everybody needs his/her own way of support, understanding and time for the transition in a new or grown family.